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Dolphin Brewery - Pale Ale   Welcome
Welcome to Daylesford’s Dolphin Brewery website:  be inspired by our range of beers which are both traditional and quirky. 

And welcome to Daylesford, Victoria’s country home of fine food, wine, cider and now of our
ales too. 

About Daylesford
Daylesford is a quiet tourist destination situated 120 km, or a 90 minute drive, NNW from Melbourne, at an elevation of 600 m above sea level (ASL). 

It boasts excellent accommodation, quality restaurants and cafes, nearby excellent wineries and cider makers, delightful scenery, and is the spa centre of Australia with some excellent mineral waters available for free drinking: try the mineral water at Leitches Creek, one of our favourites. 
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LINKS page for more Daylesford information. 

Dolphin in a Nutshell
Dolphin Brewery is a long-standing ambition of Wayne and Penny come to fruition. 
Our desire is to put traditional ales, true to style, and made from the finest ingredients, back into the market-place, hence ‘brewing with a porpoise’; and to supplement these with an off-beat range, so fulfilling our other motto: ‘traditional but quirky’.  We believe that the best ingredients make beers of the highest quality and so those are the ones we use. 
Our traditional range is:
Amber Ale (an amber kitchen (AK) mild ale).
Pale Ale (traditional English-style).
Best Bitter Ale (English-style special bitter). 

Our off-beat range has started with two seasonal brews:
Shag (a spiced honey ale with ginger) for spring and summer.
Penguin Porter (a chocolate porter) for autumn and winter. 

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  How We Are Different
Making a Difference
In this post-industrial world, we at Dolphin seek to bring a different approach to mainstream micro-brewing. We bring a modern yet ancient focus based on tradition.

Our Tradition
Our tradition is in tune with our roots and those of this country. We base our beer styles on those of Britain and of early colonists to Australia.
This is the living basis of ale brewing; since almost all ale styles were developed there.

At Dolphin Brewery
We at Dolphin Brewery pay our respect to those stalwart developers of ale styles through our own brewing, exemplified by the following traditional styles:
Amber Ale, Pale Ale, Best Bitter Ale and Porter Ale.

We also brew more adventurously, affirming our ‘traditional but quirky’ motto, by crafting some quirky new-wave brews such as:
Shag – an ultra-pale ale brewed with respect to both the Belgian witbier style, popularly exemplified by Hoegaarden, and of honey ales such as Monteith’s Summer Ale; and
Killer Whale American Pale Ale – inspired by Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and displaying intense West Coast citrus hop flavours of Cascade and Amarillo varieties.

Where To Now?
Our journey continues, in a spirit of adventure, but not beholden to a transient fashion, to bring you a full-bodied, fresher taste of both traditional and quirky bottled live real ales…

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