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  About Us
Wayne and Penny Burtt have been interested in beer for many years.  We are committed to ‘putting the flavour back into beer’ by brewing a range of quality full-flavoured ales in Daylesford. 

Wayne graduated BSc(Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Sussex in 1968 and has subsequently home-brewed for over forty years, twenty of which have been dedicated to full-mash grain brewing.  He grew up in London, a home of beer, when fine cask-conditioned ales were readily available and  has used these as the yardstick for good beer ever since; although most of our beer is bottled real live ale or, as it is usually called, bottle-conditioned ale (BCA). 

Penny has studied herbal medicine and is adept at finding significant herbs that are of use in brewing.  Her creative skills have sharpened our label design and design in general.  She brings a keenly critical perspective and acuity of taste enabling a clearer focus to our business.

About The Brewery
Dolphin Brewery started as a small shed/garage nano-brewery (a mini-micro brewery!) in Daylesford.  We were inspired by the Daylesford water sprite, the spirit of Daylesford personifying its natural mineral water, and Desmond the doughty dolphin, to produce traditional unfiltered and hand-bottled beers which are bottle-conditioned in the time-honoured way producing a natural sparkling beer. 

Visit -  The Strange History of Dolphin

The brewery operates as a pilot-plant in a residential area and so is not open to the public.

We have now scaled-up some of our brews to microbrewery size and are selling to selected local outlets. 


  About Beer Education
Wayne ran courses in beer appreciation at the Melbourne CAE (College of Adult Education) for several years from 1999 and now continues these on a commercial basis.  He sees beer education as a remaining undeveloped area of beverage education and is passionate about helping people to elaborate and clarify their views about beer.  An understanding of brewing and the corresponding styles which have emerged is the key to an understanding of beer. 
Dolphin in your workplace
Dolphin Brewery would be pleased to bring tutored tastings and beer appreciation to your workplace.  An introductory 90 minute workshop can be readily arranged covering major beer styles with tutored tastings of representative exemplars.  Longer series are available; topics include: beer brewing; beers of Britain; beers of Belgium; beers of Germany and the Czech Republic; beer tasting; beer and food matching, become a beer hunter; and more.  
Please discuss your requirements with Wayne. 

Setting up your own micro-brewery
A short weekend course in setting-up and operating a micro-brewery is available for small groups of four or five in Daylesford. 
Please contact Wayne if you are interested.

Full-mash grain brewing for home brewers
So, you have made some modified kit brews with added hops and perhaps crystal malt and black malt or roasted barley in your own introduced boil phase.  Perhaps you have even done a mini-mash with some pale malt or speciality malts?  Yet many home brewers are daunted from taking that next step beyond kit brews.  This full-day course (usually a Saturday) will equip you with the knowledge and skills to set up your own full-mash home brewery.  Once you’ve started, you’ll never want to look back. 
Please contact Wayne if you are interested.


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