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Beer Education
Our intention is to bring an understanding of beer and brewing to a wider audience. We believe that there is now a beer-aware culture and we wish to expand its knowledge.  Two major areas are beer styles and beer and serving temperature.  We have started to address these in the two attached articles: 

Beer and Serving Temperature
We believe that as with wine the temperature at which beer is served is important.  Have a look at this article  to see how it affects our perception and enjoyment of beers.
Beer and Serving Temperature >>>

British Beer Styles
Our traditional range and several of our speciality beers are based upon British styles.  Investigate this article to learn more. 
British Beer Styles >>>


About Beer Education
For the following short courses, see the 'About Beer Education' section on the ABOUT US page:
Dolphin in your workplace;
Setting up your own microbrewery; and
Full-mash grain brewing for home brewers.

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