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  Our Beers
Our beers add to the mix of quality foods and beverages which are crafted in Daylesford. 
Potential brews have been formulated then trialled over several years in time-honoured fashion in the kitchen: this lead to the idea of a fully-functioning small-scale brewery. 
    The Regular Range
We call our regular traditional trio of ales the ‘traffic-light’ range because they are labelled in amber, green and red.  These are
  Dolphin Amber Ale (4.0%abv) (amber label)

Amber Ale is based on a traditional 1830s AK (amber kitchen) mild ale: the type of beer regularly brewed in English country kitchens and transported to Australia by early colonists.  A mild ale is one which is only lightly hopped, in contrast to a bitter ale which is more highly hopped.  The light hopping with subtle East Kent Goldings hops lends a gentle bitterness.

Our amber ale is made from a range of malts, generously loaded with amber malt, which delivers a smooth, nutty flavour.  Malt and hops combine to produce an easy drinking brew. 

Food suggestion: smoky cheese e.g. Gouda, roasted vegetables, rich pasta, mussels marinara, ham, pork, pot roast

    Dolphin Pale Ale (4.5%abv) (green label)

Our TQA (Traditional Quaffing Ale) is crafted as a session beer.  It is a genuine original English pale ale made from top quality ingredients: finest English malts and hops.  Pale malts define the brew and create a malty, slightly fruity full-flavoured brew.  We use East Kent Goldings hops to bring a characteristic subtle lingering bitterness which is typical of the style. 

Note that it is this ale which defines the style, not the new entrant, the intensely aroma-hopped variant, American Pale Ale. 

Food suggestion: curries, fish and chips, fish pie, chicken salad, crab, cold meats, pork pies

  Dolphin Best Bitter Ale (5.0%abv) (red label)

Our TEA (Traditional English Ale) is an archetypal English-style Best Bitter Ale.  It is made primarily from English Maris Otter pale malt.  Maris Otter is a traditional two-row malting barley generally recognised as the ‘queen of malts’.  It gives an excellent malt extraction producing a wonderful malty fruity brew.  East Kent Goldings hops deliver the subtle yet long-lasting bitterness and Fuggles hop flowers grant wonderful citrus and mild resinous aromas and flavours from the dry-hopping. 

Dry-hopping means hop plugs or flowers are added at a late stage of fermentation to restore the hop high-note volatile components otherwise lost in the boil. 

Food suggestion: roast beef, roast lamb, steak, both steak and kidney pie and pudding, vintage cheddar ploughman’s, lasagne or other pasta with napolitana sauce, fried chicken

    Seasonal Brews

Our first set of speciality brews are planned as a seasonal range to drink through the seasons. 

For spring, our seasonal brew is a quirky spring special called Shag. 

In summer, this will be followed by Killer Whale American Pale Ale with that in-your-face aroma hopping.

Our autumn drop is Penguin Porter, a chocolate and liquorice-flavoured delight.

Winter sees our Bottlenose Oatmeal Stout emerge from those dark days.  Oatmeal stouts contain flaked porridge oats which lend a silky smoothness to the ale. 

  Shag (4.0%abv) (turquoise label)

Shag stands for Spiced Honey Ale with Ginger.  This brew is designed for spring and summer but drinks well almost all-year round.  Inspired by the Belgian Hoegaarden brew, it contains Bavarian wheat malt, which lends a characteristic very slightly sour taste, coupled with English Golden Promise barley malt, to deliver an ultra-pale ale.  Flavour and aroma are enhanced by a careful addition of unique Tasmanian Leatherwood honey together with a decoction of coriander seed, orange peel and root ginger.  All this produces a delightful, elegant yet easy drinking lightly-hopped ale.

As a holiday brew it is a good choice at any time of day: yes, even at breakfast. 

Food suggestion: soft cheese, tuna salad, light vegetables, salads, lemon tart

    Penguin Porter Ale (5.0%abv) (brown label)

Our chocolate porter has real dark chocolate added which enhances the chocolate taste derived from the chocolate malt.  A little liquorice adds a characteristic sweetness to the overall biscuity-nutty chocolate malt flavour which drifts into a lingering pleasing hop bitterness.  This ale is a must for those cooler autumn days and drinks well into winter and beyond. 
Food suggestion: late-season barbecues, ham, bacon, mushroom dishes, caramelised vegetables, dark stews, roast turkey, black pudding, chocolate-laden desserts, tiramisu

Killer Whale American Pale Ale (4.7%abv)
This ale is under development. 

Bottlenose Oatmeal Stout (5.2%abv)
This ale is under development.

  Speciality Brews

Further occasional brews are being planned and trialled. They include:

Dolfijn Belgisch Sterkgouden Bier
(Dolphin Belgian Strong Golden Ale)

Pride of Dolphin (POD) India Pale Ale (IPA)

Puffin Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

Dolphin Original Nut Brown Ale

Development ales: These seasonal and speciality brews under development will be available in limited quantities, in season, at the Daylesford Farmers’ Market held on the first Saturday of the month. 


Daylesford Farmers’ Market
We have been trading since October 2009 at the Daylesford Farmers’ Market, which is held on the first Saturday of each month, gaining useful marketing information in the process.  It is here where you will find our range of products and you may also find our latest experimental ales which we are tweaking and seeking to bring into our portfolio family of ales.

Trentham Farmers’ Market
Find us here on the third Saturday of each month. 
Castlemaine Farmers’ Market
Find us here on the first Sunday of each month. 
Local Outlets
We have some carefully selected outlets which showcase our beers.



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