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The Mysterious Origins of Dolphin

In the early eighties, Wayne and Penny, intrepid English beer explorers, arrived in Melbourne. Their quest was to seek fine ale. They hunted far and wide, but fine ales, especially bitter ales, eluded them. So they enlisted the help of Desmond the doughty dolphin who became a firm friend. He liked a good wet…

Desmond guided their ale expedition into the interior. After much ineffective flapping and fannying around, the party arrived in Daylesford, the source for their inspiration. Desmond porpoisely plunged into Lake Daylesford seeking the origins of fine ales.

As the curative waters flowed around and through his body he remembered almost forgotten stories of his youth: how his ancestors were befriended by humans, the Dolphin family, who once brewed in Daylesford. No golden ring did he find, but this was the key…

And so Desmond was the muse who inspired Wayne and Penny to recreate fine modern ales based on ancient traditions.

© 2008 Wayne R Burtt



© Courtesy of the James Northfield Heritage Art Trust

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